Who We Are:

Cigar Rights of the World is a unique global platform; a UNION for cigar lovers.

YOU make up its heart and soul.

Our Mission:

Cigar Rights of the world will concentrate on unifying and delivering your voice and vote,
empowering associations with the most dreaded weapon of all ... YOU.

Existing associations, mainly governed and financed by manufacturers, focus on lobbying.

With Cigar Rights of the World, YOU can help them bring this fight to another level.

As one, we will protect our passion and heritage.

We are your voice...  We are one.
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Donation Amount

 Cigar Rights of the World is a Non-profit organization based in Basel, Switzerland.
All daily running costs of Cigar Rights of the World are privately funded by the Meerapfel family.

Funds intended for special projects will be collected from your donations.

All funds donated to Cigar Rights of the World will be managed by the Board of Directors (appointed and constituted mainly by consumers), who will attribute donations to projects and associations.

These will best benefit the agenda of Cigar Rights of the World in protecting the premium cigar lovers.
Cigar Rights of the World is the only worldwide consumer-based association.

The quintessence of Cigar Rights of the World is to unite the cigar community, to bring their voices and votes together.

While already established associations, mainly governed and financed by manufacturers focus on lobbying, Cigar Rights of the World is a movement of unity and solidarity, focused on the cigar lovers.

Thus Cigar Rights of the World will collect, coordinate and deliver YOUR VOICE in an efficient manner through the existing structures and organizations of targeted lobbying, petitioning and funding.

Cigar Rights of the World looks forward to assisting premium cigar lobbying organizations around the world and closely collaborate with existing associations, in the spirit of unifying and protecting, the people and efforts around premium cigars.
The short-, mid- and long-term goal of Cigar Rights of the World is fulfilling its mission and manifesto; to unite and protect the rights of the cigar community.
An agenda, structured by the Board of Directors, will be published on the website.
Like a smile that symbolizes that one is happy, the clenched fist is a universal symbol of solidarity and support. It expresses unity, strength, defiance and resistance.
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Members & Ambassadors

The Association is formed, members join and ambassadors start spreading the word.

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
B.O.D. candidates submitted

You will be requested to select a person of your choice as a potential candidate to sit on the Board of Directors.

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
B.O.D. members are announced

The B.O.D. will be constituted.

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
B.O.D. Agenda

B.O.D. announces it's agenda

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Yearly Virtual get-together

This is where we host a virtual get together - MEMBERS ONLY. Keynote speakers, celebrities and more...


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